Our Craftsmanship and Our Intellectual Property


➢   Offering for client subscription the empirically based, authentic Life-style Segmentation India with regular, bi-annual up-dates, projected in combination with the Economic Segmentation (Income Classification) and Social Status Identification on micro-markets of 250 m sq in urban India and single villages in rural India


➢   Decoding the mental map and consumer profile of the individual consumer sub-sets, their brand affinities, their range of online activities, their banking preferences, their automobile aspirations, …. in short, everything they seek for fulfilling themselves, enriching their lives and their families well-being


➢  Providing the profiling data substance for distinguishing our clients’ customers among the masses of socio-demographic twins thus bypassing the restrictions of the traditional, heuristically based SEC classifications


➢  Developing and delivering customized, flexible solutions to identify key audience segments, directing precision customer acquisition, supporting customer loyalty and leading our clients into new markets


➢   Enabling our clients to be the winners in the one-to-one marketing and sales online arena by personalizing customer interactions and creating profitable customer relationships


➢   Winning the confidence of our clients as the partner of excellence for marketing / sales campaign development and execution


➢   Making use of specifically adapted, advanced predictive modelling techniques to assist our clients on what is likely to be and not get lost in what was


➢   Supporting our clients in the Indian Industry with leading edge, optimal consultancy and technical support framed on global standards