Which next Centre to select for expanding the business to?


Among India’s rapid growth pace, no business wants to miss the “next best opportunity” expanding their operations, selling their product and services, scaling their brand to new customers.


Today Semi-Urban / Rurban Territories of the Indian sub-continent are in the focus for targeting the up-coming consumer boom-markets outside the metro-city fortresses.


But which of the next set of 1,000+ towns to enter?

How well are you informed where to go and can answer for the budget required to scale the business to be successful?


The following sequence of analytics show from the outside similar size four cities, but from the inside highly divisive markets / opportunities:


Slide 1:         Cities by population growth 2011 – 2015

Slide 2/3/4:  Population growth in the various lifestyle affinity segments

Slide 5/6/7:  Bank Branch Network Development

Slide 8:         Aggregate Deposits and Gross Bank Credit Business Development

Slide 9:         Cities by Name


Take your time before you look at the last slide presenting the city names: which one would you have picked?