New Customer Acquisition Model


The FMCG Company developed a new Customer Acquisition Model, focussing on (a) Trade Side Solutions - the physical reach of the customers / consumers and (b) Consumer Side Approaches - the communication and mental reach of the customers / consumers.


MMS.IND provided market and consumer data, further supported the company to identify product-wise their best customer segments, their lifestyle affinity and income segmentation for implementing the innovative powerful new marketing process.


The unique life-style and mental map segmentation system MMS.IND offers for India, are measurable, sizeable and reachable demographics and psychographics segments allocated on micro-market precision - in Urban on micro-markets grid structure of 250m sq and in Rural down to the individual village-level.


The FMCG Company identified on micro-market break up of cities and Rural districts, the core customer segments that constitute product-wise the “established footprint”. Further the company identified the potential key target groups on territorial micro-market precision for addressing new markets.