Up-selling / Cross-selling existing customers

Branch Network Expansion - Urban India


The Client

The Bank is one of largest private sector Bank in India, offering the entire spectrum of financial services to customer segments covering Large and Mid-Corporates, MSME, Agriculture and Retail Businesses and has a large footprint of 4000+ domestic branches and 17.000 ATMs spread across the country.


The Bank’s vision: To be a World Class Indian Bank. The objective is to build sound customer franchises across distinct businesses so as to be the preferred provider of banking services for target retail and wholesale customer segments, and to achieve healthy growth in profitability,




The Bank looked out for support in two key business area: branch network expansion and customer segmentation for enhancing growth on the existing customer-base.


While strategically planning to open 500+ new branches across the total subcontinent, the new branch locations should be on the best possible way analyzed on potential and competitor pressure influence – not only within a market, but also identifying across possible 4,000+ Indian metros / cities / small towns the next best market to expand to.


Similar to other Banks in the Indian market, the Bank intends to aggressively address growth from the existing customer-base. While classifying its customers through evaluating the business they do with the Bank, the Bank is missing out to gather understanding of actual client net-worth gained from profiling individual customers on lifestyle-affinity and income-level segmentation.




MMS.IND identified existing Bank customers in its Master Universe of Indian consumers, 820 mio Indians segmented by socio-demographic profile, consumer attitudes, lifestyle- and income-classification.


This enabled the Bank to identify target sub-sets of customers for specific product propositions (cross-selling) and general up-migration against low business value within the Bank’s classification, but high client net-worth based on lifestyle and income-level segmentation (up-selling).


In location analysis for new branches, the MMS.IND Market Intelligence Platform grid-level segmentation of Indian metro / cities / small towns was provided and screened to identify local markets on micro-market precision of high net-worth potential set against low competitor pressure.


For identifying the next best town / city in the Indian subcontinent to enter, the Bank took into consideration the historical trend development and projected future growth, MMS.IND provided on market potential segmentation, linked this to credits / deposits trend developments and overall Bank branch net-work development in each Indian city.


This enabled and still enables continuously the Bank to identify for them the next best, most profitable market for expanding their branch network in the Indian sub-continent.




Based on the customer profiling done on lifestyle affinity- and income-segmentation, the Bank identified presently 30% „undersold“ customers in various vintage classes, who have a higher client net-worth compared to their present business value to the Bank (table 1).


Only within three months of up-sell / cross-sell attempts including call monitoring of branch teams „on the ground“, the Bank realized on an average 24.8% conversion rate on the shortlisted customers for re-targeting for engaging into further products with the Bank.


After verifications of the micro-market potential data provided for pilot cities through their own local teams, the Bank branch expansion division now utilizes together with their Zonal Managements in a pan-India approach new branch locations based on scientifically secured market data segmentation (screen 1 and 2).