Identify your Target Audience

on individual Household-level



Identify High Potential Customer Hotspots

on state, city, PIN code territory, locality, sub-locality, street,

building level down to precise flat number



Know how & when to influence them

increase the impact of your marketing communication investments

with relevant, efficient and timely messaging







Master Universe of Indian Consumers 


The Master Universe of Indian Consumers is an all-India database of consumers containing 870+ Million Individuals above 18 years of age. (Status 1/2019)


The Indian file lists the individual consumers by name, full address, age and gender, family and household relations / structures. The file contains the income level for each consumer / family. It defines the individual’s lifestyle by geographic, behavioral, demographic and psychographic segmentation.


Further, each consumer is qualified by spending behaviour, identifying the affinities to special product categories such as Insurance, Banking, Automobile, Consumer Durables, FMCG Products, Real Estate, Personal Accessories and Jewellery and Travel.








MMS.IND Solutions


We determine major two solutions derived from the consumer data-base we maintain: GEOMARKETEER and KARMA.



Customer Enrichment; profiling of individual customers:

  • Income
  • Product Purchase Affinities 
  • Customer Lifestyle Affinity
  • Monthly Spend Amounts in various Expenditure Classes



Local intelligence market- and customer analytics dialog platform

  • Understanding down to building-level the diversity of customer potentials.
  • Empirical secured ‚true picture‘ of customer potential distribution on PIN Code- / Locality-level
  • Tool functionalities for location analyses, core market identification, etc.)
  • For Urban India, MMS.IND provides adown to the building-level customer lifestyle affinity- and income-segmentation. For Rural India, it is on the individual village-level available
  • Rich POI (Point of Interest) data-base consisting of more than 280 different categories










How is the data built?


The Indian consumer data-base combines a wide variety of data sources, linking personalized life-style and consumer data to territorial data and higher level statistics that are indicators for identifying individual profiles. 


Data applied:

  • Official Register of Indian persons based on Electoral Roll data and processed into relevant demographic profiles, such as families and family categories
  • Qualitative Market Research sourced from national sample survey institutions, national councils of applied economic researches, India human development surveys and a wide variety of commercial agencies
  • Transaction-based data
  • Co-operation with nation-wide realtors
  • Household amenities and consumer assets (financial and non-financial) sourced from various Government of India and NGO Institutions, as well as private enterprises
  • Census, micro-census data on a highly granular level

No heuristic and projected sample surveying imbedded.


For more details on data categories, sources and methodologies applied in building the MMS.IND Data and Systems, please contact us at