KARMA - Customer Enrichment


Expenditure Profiling




Sample Output: Consumer Profiling 



(esi) Monthly Household-level Income figure and segment


(lsi) Customer Lifestyle Affinity Segmentation (calculated brand- and product affintiy segmentation, see detailed group descriptions)


(spend -/-) Monthly spend across various expenditure classes, see detailed class description for details on products 




Profiling Categories:

  • Monthly household-level income: Each customer will be provided the household-level income in (a) precise figure and (b) group. 
  • Customer Lifestyle Affinity Segmentation: Customer Lifestyle Affinity Segmentation is a data calculated consumer product and service brand affinity resulting from consumer orientation, lifestyle definition. 
  • Monthly spend across various expenditure classes: Consumer monthly average spend across various expenditure classes. 
  • Product Specific Purchase Affinities: Beyond income, lifestyle affinity and spend in expenditure classes, individual product purchase behaviour will be provided on individual consumer level. 



Consumer Expenditures: Class Descriptions

  • Spend Category: Housing: Rent or mortgage; expenses for property management and maintenance; home insurance; home appliances; furniture
  • Spend Category: Food and FMCG: Food products, Home and Personal Care products, Beverages (non-alcoholic / alcoholic)
  • Spend Category: Transport: Costs for purchase / maintaining of private use two / four-wheeler ; public transport costs
  • Spend Category: Apparel: Clothing and Footwear including dry cleaning costs and other apparel related services
  • Spend Category: Healthcare and Medical: Preventive healthcare related costs; fitness club memberships; food supplement products; special health related classes costs (Yoga, etc.); medicine and doctor costs; health insurance
  • Spend Category: Financial Savings: Tax deductible investment products (Banking / Insurance); investment item purchase, such as gold or jewelry
  • Spend Category: Education: Tuition fees and education related material / equipment
  • Spend Category: Entertainment: Costs for travel and leisure time activities such as holidays, hobby related equipment and service costs; dining out
  • Spend Category: Others: Membership fees for social clubs; contributions for being part of local communities and their events, donations.