KARMA - Customer Enrichment


Profiling of individual Consumers on Lifestyle Affinity, Income, Product Purchase Affinities




Prerequisite for appending from the MMS.IND Market Intelligence Platform India profile items such as income, lifestyle and product purchase affinity data to a customer, his/her residential addresses need to get geo-coded, i.e. converted into latitude / longitude information (GPS coordinates).


Such GPS coordinates allocate the individual consumer into the MMS.IND micro-market building precision data layers, from which aforesaid information gets appended.


MMS.IND has build its consumer profiling solution based on residential locations, using sophisticated algorithms on applied input data as described above – to an unprecedented profiling precision and at the same time full market coverage.



Data related facts


In the absence of individual person sourced information about income and/or product purchases and while facing large quantities of “unresolved” customers not receiving profiling from other external data sources, the MMS.IND territorial consumer data based profiling:


Only needs a residential address, no sensitive data information such as name, address, contact details (in residential address even confidential flat/house – number can be removed)


Complies with Indian and international data privacy and consumer protection laws and regulatory guidelines while not involving above mentioned person sensitive data


Constitutes the fully scalable, data security and consumer protection laws compliant solution as alternative to other possibilities, in which sharing of confidential information was required and/or no full coverage of markets available