Join a growing, highly qualified data analyst and geospatial expert team in building India consumer data solutions for market segmentation, customer and prospect profiling for various Retail Industries, such as BSFI, FMCG, Retail, Automobile, etc. in the position of:


The Business Analyst will be working on various MMS.IND client accounts (Banks, Retail, FMCG), and identify growth on existing customer strategies, growth on new customer strategies, sales performance measurement, customer risk management,  distribution network optimisations based on market potential data, etc. Part of his / her assignments will be.

  • Implements the data analysis insights produced by MMS.IND data teams and recommendations to support multiple technical operations and assure client satisfaction.
  • Investigates and advises clients on potential processing efficiencies, redundancies and/or optimum use of data.
  • Locate and define new process improvement opportunities

This will incorporate at times interacting with members of MMS.IND client representatives. These are mainly Business Intelligence Units and Marketing and Sales Departments.

DATA ANALYST (Jun. / Sen.)

The Data Analyst will be working on various MMS.IND client accounts (Banks, Retail, FMCG), and conduct analytics such as Product – Customer Affinities, Sales Data Analysis set against market profiles, Customer Risk Profiles, Optimal Branch / Outlet location analysis, Up-sell / Cross-sell customer identification, Regression Models etc.

His/Her role is to design and deliver analytical studies extracting and utilising data from multiple sources to identify new insights for clients and internal teams. Some process are: 

  • Work with data and statistical methods to create information products and to tailor analytical solutions for customers
  • Utilise data and statistical modelling methods to create analytical solutions for clients' marketing objectives including data evaluations
  • Responsible for moderate to complex research, trouble shooting, application administration, application user training and code changes.
  • etc. 

Engaging with senior level colleagues to ensure the development and successful implementation of analytics and also working collaboratively with colleagues in same location and in offices located globally are part of the role as well.

GIS Expert (Jun. / Sen.)

This job offers working together with a highly qualified Big Data Business Analyst team and GIS Product Developer team on products for the Financial Service and Retail Industry. 

Participating in the MMS.IND product development will provide valuable insights into today’s market segmentation approaches, micro-marketing tools and systems, consumer profiling. 


Joining the GIS product development team will incorporate working at the various levels in the total product assembling process, e.g. there will be variety being involved in the multi stage development from all angles.