How can we work together?


MMS.IND’s mission is to provide the various Indian industries with the ‘Market and Consumer BIG DATA Network’ as the important business driver – thus enabling companies making optimal strategic and operational decisions based on precision consumer & market knowledge.


Therefore ‘we’ license our data to ‘you’ for getting the full benefit of all your marketing and sales activities.

  • Development and optimization of your distribution network 
  • Benchmarking of branches and sales points  
  • Sales agents profiled for specifc local markets 
  • Segmenting and profiling your exisiting customers 
  • Enriching your KYC profiles by lifestyle, income, socio-demographic / family profile, individual spend affinities in 18 different categories (Big Data Support) 
  • Projections and predictive modeling on sales and consumer trends as they develop  
  • ‘Look A-likes’ - precision prospects that meet exatly your target group definition
  • Identifying risk clusters from specifc consumer segments 
  • and many more issues, that require the BIG DATA Network as problem solver...etc.



MMS.IND covers today total Urban India from metros down to class II cities, i.e. towns with a minimum population of 50,000.


Rural India is fully covered on the individual village-level.