Down to building-level understanding the diversity of customer potentials

(bypassing PIN Code- / Locality-level sample surveyed market potentials)


Tool functionalities for Location Analysis, Core Market Identification, Store / Branch

Catchment market profiling, Product Mix, Performance benchmarking and prediction, etc.








 Geomarketeer is a granular market segmentation analysis tool.


It supports companies in India with geo-location based intelligence, using micro-market focused data and tools to sustainably grow their business.


By delivering this information on Software as a Service (Saas) platform, Geomarketeer allows organisations of any size to quickly get started with market research and data backed insights.







By subscribing to the platform, marketeers can sit in the office and understand every nook and corner of the country:

  • Visualize, analyse and understand relationships between micro segmented geographies and potential and profile of residing customers
  • Experience patterns and trends in India consumers and their geographical relation.
  • Easy-to-use Online System
  • Subscription to geographies  / quantities of customers, prospects for enrichment (profiling)
  • ‚Private Room‘ - Users create their own private access login. No third
  • party involved for the analytics / having access to user‘s data space
  • Data queries in real time
  • Uploading Data: Analytics networking company own and external market / consumer profile data.
  • Gateway to the analytics: GPS, i.e. all consumer and market data provided is linked to GPS controlled micro-markets. Running analytics in combining external MMS.IND data and own data requires the user to upload his data linked to GPS cordinates / any administrative market structures (PIN Codes / localities / Sub-localities / etc.)
  • Retrieve customer profiling 
  • Generate location reports