Data Related Facts


Because we are transparent with our work.



Data Coverage


The micro-market based consumer segmentation approach provides 100% coverage of the total market. A

purely individual person-level data grounded consumer segmentation system, would cover in India only up-to approximately 30-35% of the total country population and need to be projected towards it.



Data Privacy


The micro-market based consumer segmentation approach resolves legal issues of data protection restrictions for individual person consumer data profiles, even after new international data protection regulations have been passed. It is generally ruled out to have received / receive in future for all consumer individual data the "opt-in vote" of affected individual consumers. Especially also in India, data privacy awareness is on the rise at the institutional levels and new data privacy laws instated in ongoing revisions.



Big Data – on micro-level


The micro-market based consumer segmentation approach enables users a Big Data view of the entire market in hyper-localized precision. Measuring own achieved customers against a data-set not comprising of the total country base, will always result in biased views with respect to market (share) / customer value benchmarking. Measured against a total country micro market segmented consumer base, you will always know precisely the market share from the overall market - also down to very localized market-level.



Merging Offline and Online


The micro-market-based approach has as 'generic make-up' the networking of the online with the off-line marketing worlds. For example Facebook and others only know the online world and tolerate offline market worlds as long as they benefit their own offerings. The micro market was based approach is a fusion of the offline and online market worlds.