About us

MMS.IND India, Office, Innovation Team, Customer Segmentation, Market Analytics, Market Research

MMS.IND (LSI Micro-Marketing Service India Private Limited), an Indo-German Joint Venture, was incorporated 2009 in Mumbai. We support various Indian Industry verticals with geo-location based intelligence, micro-market focused advanced marketing and sales technologies and individual Indian consumer data. Our two main solutions, GEOMARKETEER and KARMA, enable the participating industries to sustainably grow their business on empirically sourced consumer data, analytically controlled strategic and operational marketing decision support.

The MMS.IND key staff and management looks back on 25 years plus of R&D and industry experience, developing leading edge industry support in customer segmentation based on life-style affinity, geo-based micro-market ratings and precision targeted advanced sales strategies.

MMS.IND offers two data platforms (GEOMARKETEER and KARMA) as “your” strategic and powerful portal into the BIG DATA Network for all consumer- based marketing and sales activities.

Directors are Dr. Wolfhardt H. Anders and Rahoul R. Anders. Dr. W. H. Anders has been the founder and General Manager of IFMS Data and Systems, later CLARITAS Deutschland. He developed the PRIZM® Segmentation for Germany and has been working on sophisticated innovations in big-data analytics, mainly for Financial Services, Telecom, Media, Automobile and FMCG.