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Market Segmentation - Customer Analytics - Consumer Data


Geo-Precision Market Analytics: Building-wise customer potential data


Consumer data providing deep insights on

customer income, lifestyle, product purchase affinities


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Customer enrichment

Profiling of Individuals on income, customer lifestyle affinity, expenditure in various spend categories and product purchase affinities.


Reaching high precision target audiences with digital campaigns based on off and online information collected about consumers.


Maximum effect in up-sell / cross-sell campaigns executed offline and online.

local intelligence

Providing precision information about number of population and households, their consumer profile by income, expenditures, product purchases and lifestyle affinity down to individual residential buildings.


Bypassing market data summaries on administrative territories, such as Wards, PIN Codes, Localities and Sub-localities to gain data precision required to accurately profile store catchment areas.


Addressing Location Analysis for optimising and scaling the distribution network (Urban and Rural), Product Mix by understanding precisely store catchment consumer profiles, Performance Benchmarking  - evaluating sales against store catchment area potential including competitor pressure, Precision BTL Marketing and Sales Support for maximum campaign ROI.

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Superimposed own bank branches on micro market territory highlighted by income, identifying uncovered and cannibalised areas.

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CV-19 influence territories based on confirmed cases superimposed on micro-markets by household-level income

Supply Chain Optimisation

The micro-market data yields precise information about Urban and Rural markets segmented by number of population and households, demographics, lifestyle and income, professional groups, slums, etc.


This enables companies to respond rapidly with supply chain optimisations to the changing product purchase behaviour of consumers.

consumer behaviour trends - changes in the market (cv-19 crisis management)

Companies see their products sell differently pre- and post CV-19 impact. We at MMS.IND build CV-19 impact scenario maps, which together with our micro-market datasets provide the possibility to do robust analytical modelling and visualise demand forecast results in a dashboard.




Winning Customers back to your stores

MMS.IND data identifies down to residential building precision customer income, lifestyle (product purchase affinities) and expenditure behaviour.

Offline targeting: Companies can conduct sharp targeted their local marketing activities to their target audience without 'overspill'.

Online Targeting: MMS.IND offers with partner agencies the possibility to reach in digital advertisement consumers from highly selected target micro-markets within a store catchment area.

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Taking a store's catchment area on residential building precise qualification of customer income, lifestyle (product purchase affinities) and expenditure behaviour
MMS.IND, Store Catchment Analysis, Covid-19 Back to Store Customer Acquisition, Retail Business Crisis Management Covid-19, Building precise customer potential
Identifying by building name and location precision locations customer to target: ONLINE & OFFLINE


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Selecting across 4,000 data supported Urban cities and towns the right ones to target, and then within the city choosing store locations at a micro-level.


Analyse existing store / branch locations on market potential,  which optimal products to offer, and support of marketing and sales activities and more.

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Find the right

Target Audience


12 Lifestyle Affinity Segments, 10 Income Groups, 09 Expenditure Classes and 40+ Product Purchase affinity Segments.


Analyse your best target groups, identifying through data analytics  which customer lifestyle - income - expenditure combinations are your highest potential sales segments. Identify them in your own customers, prospects and down to building precision in markets.

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Increase customer value - identify the right product proposition

Profile your own customers and prospects to identify their individual income levels, lifestyle, expenditure behaviour and product purchase affinities.


Run hyper-targeted product campaigns for maximum ROI, infuse segmentation into digital advertisement to reach profile and geolocation precise target groups.

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