How Precise Do You Know Where Exactly To Find Your Target Audience?


Can You Predict Which Marketing Efforts Will Succeed, Which Fail ... And Why?


What Is The Actual Potential of Your Customers?  


The more exactly you know where your customers are and what drives them, the more efficient and impactful your marketing and sales strategies can be geared and your distribution network optimized!n

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The MMS.IND Market Intelligence Platform India® empowers you to zoom in on micro-markets

and individual customers, knowing their potential on an unprecedented precision level. 

  Precision Targeting!


 Not just socio-demographic profiles and overall market numbers, but:


... precise allocation where to find your target audience, 


... who they really are, 


.... how to reach out to them best!








Are these really homogenous target groups?


Age Group: 25-30, Gender: Male

Education: Graduate

Profession: IT, Salaried

Income: 10-12 lakh per annum

Age Group: 25-30, Gender: Female

Education: Graduate

Family Status: Married

Part time job (Salaried)

Your target audience might f.e. be men, socio-economic class B1/2. But are these men carefree 'Global Indians' with an individualistic liberal attitude and cosmopolitan lifestyle? Or are they disciplined first generation achievers who adhere to traditional family values and strict role patterns?


A brand positioning or campaign that excites the second group might completely bore the first group – and the other way around. If you really want to influence people, you need to know what drives them.


People are different and do things for different reasons. Even among same income, age group and professional background, they are different consumers with different purchase behaviour.